“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” ~ Carl Sagan

Project Ava

Project Ava's mission is to make the early detection and treatment of diseases available to all. In most developing countries, there aren't enough doctors to attend to the ever growing population. Project Ava is an attempt to use AI to augment and amplify the work of the limited number of healthcare providers. Ava analyzes hundreds of data points and historical trends in order to understand a patient's condition and make intelligent recommendations. With Ava, a community health officer can detect and treat a wider range of diseases with zero supervision. Doctors using AVA will also work more efficiently and effectively. Ava will improve health outcomes, increase access and reduce cost.

Ava at Work

We are currently working in Ghana to help grassroots healthcare providers identify and quickly treat patients at risk of experiencing birth-related complications. The majority of maternal deaths in Ghana can be prevented if mothers have access to quality healthcare from a trained professional. We are giving community health officers in Ghana a helping hand by deploying a new trained professional. She lives on their phones and helps them work more effectively. Her name is Ava. To learn more about our work in Ghana, send us an email or read our blog.

Our Process